April 11, 2014

106: Full Equality For Baby Photos

I rant about the password-pocalypse a.k.a. the Heartbleed security bug, how the mainstream public doesn’t understand the severity of the issue, why the sheer amount of user accounts people have makes it untenable for most to actually mitigate their risk, and how the “it’ll never happen to me” mindset just compounds one’s aversion to change.

In addition, I explain who the new Twitter profile page design is truly for, why shitty marketers are to blame for Facebook news feed changes, how the forcible push towards their messaging app is Facebook’s ploy to supplant the native texting market, how Dropbox appears to be building an operating system in reverse, and why adding Condoleezza Rice to their board is not a reflection of the company’s stance on privacy.

Plus I applaud the naming of Stephen Colbert as Letterman’s successor and criticize Churchill Downs for increasing their takeout rate that will only hasten the horse track’s inevitable failure.


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