September 12, 2014

123: Get Bigger Pants

I rant about this week’s Apple product announcements, the narcissistic nature of those who pre-order iPhones in the dead of night, how the tech community scoffs at “phablets” while most people want and love bigger phones, why Apple Pay will come the closest to gaining mainstream retail adoption (yet still not make it), and how the Apple Watch absolutely fulfills the definition of vaporware.

In addition, I explain why monetary interests rendered ‘Internet Slowdown Day’ as simply an act of corporate slacktivism, how insensitive brand tweets on 9/11 have just solely become fodder for false outrage through lazy journalists, why Reddit’s laissez-faire stance on censorship and poor taste should be applauded rather than vilified by digital activists, and how TechCrunch Disrupt’s winner shows that startups have unbelievably become even more insular in their problem-solving.


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