October 31, 2014

128: All About Swipe Fees

I rant about the bevy of major retailers blocking out Apple Pay in favor of their upcoming CurrentC mobile payment system, why the move has absolutely nothing to do with collecting personal information and all to do with eliminating merchant credit card fees, and how the showdown ultimately comes down to who can shift mainstream consumer behavior first.

In addition, I laugh at Amazon’s poor pricing excuse for abysmal Fire Phone sales, applaud the FTC in going after wireless carriers for data throttling, explain the real psychological reason Google Inbox and e-mail apps of that ilk appeal to people, and how Facebook Rooms even as a concept is too confusing to ever gain adoption.

I conclude with a socio-political diatribe on how preconceived world views shape people’s interpretation of the news regardless of the source and that it’s best to be skeptical of any evidence presented to prove or disprove an issue.


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