George Takei Can Suck My Dick

The contextual age means we’re going to have to go to war on noise. That means that George Takei will have to sit down and shut up. Even if I like him (I don’t, but my wife does, so I see many of his posts just because she likes them, which shares them with me) we see too many of his items. They waste our time, bring us low value compared to, say, the Economist. It’s rude that he is demanding that every one of his items gets to our screens. Really? Even when I’m driving? Even when I have a project to finish?

George Takei, in the past 24 hours, has published seven items. Let’s say I liked 50 things that are like George. Are you saying, George, that your seven items should crowd out all other items? That’s bullshit.

Although I’d usually be the first one onboard the Scoble-mongering bandwagon, he’s dead fucking spot on here.

As I recently wrote before, businesses and brands are still under this warped notion that upon “liking” a page, Facebook users are essentially theirs to do what they please. They’re not. Hence the backlash from a pseudo-celebrity, of all people, who basically has become nothing more than a human meme aggregator piling on to the vast content landfill.

Fuck your 8-year old nephew’s birthday wishes.
Fuck those hilarious photos from girl’s night out.
Fuck your buddy’s picks for the football games this weekend.

Sulu’s at the helm and his drivel is more important than stuff from, god forbid, people you actually know and care about. Facebook be damned if they try to protect him from you!

I’d go tell George Takei to suck my dick, but I’m afraid he’ll take me up on the offer.